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Fresh Food Machine

Fresh Food Vending Machines

Fresh food vending machines are perfect for locations who need to provide catering services to customers 24/7. Our food vending machine range offers intuitive solutions that will satisfy the current and future needs of any location.

With temperature adjusting options for perishable products, our food machines have the capability to stock a wide variety of vending snacks, fresh dishes, sandwiches, fruit, and yoghurt.

Our food vending machines are the true automatic canteen, with simple loading, easy programming, and maximum flexibility to ensure that produce is always preserved at the correct temperature, and dispensed safely and hygienically.

Purchase or rent your fresh food vending machine today.

Westomatic Easy 6000 Food Snack Vending Machine

Coffetek Palma Automatic Canteen Vending Machine

Crane Shopper 2 Refrigerated Food Machine

NW Starfood Carousel Food Vending Machines

NW Necta Festival Food Vending Machine